“May you never Witness sorrow In Your Life”- Actress Seiilat pray to God as her daughter celebrates her 1st birthday today

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Nollywood actress Seilat Adebola Adeyeo, known as Seiilat, is filled with joy as her baby celebrates her first birthday today. The excited mother shared an adorable photo of her little one on her Instagram page as she eagerly anticipates her daughter’s birthday.

Expressing her gratitude, she thanked her Creator for blessing her with such a precious gift in the form of her daughter. She also expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to be her parent and for the guidance she’s received in life.

She dedicated her child to God and offered a heartfelt prayer for her daughter:

“Dear Heavenly Father, I come before you with a heart full of gratitude for the precious gift of my daughter. Thank you for entrusting me (us) with the privilege of being her parent(s) and guiding us as she journeys through life.

I pray for her well-being, happiness, and growth in all aspects of her being. Please bless her with wisdom so that she may make choices that lead to a bright and fulfilling future. Grant her strength to overcome challenges and may you surround her with love and kindness, helping her develop meaningful relationships and a compassionate heart.

Guide her in developing her talents and using them to contribute positively to the world around her. Lord, I ask for protection over her physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Guard her steps and lead her away from harm. Fill her life with joy, laughter, and a deep sense of purpose as she embarks on her life’s journey.

I pray that you walk beside her, guiding her path with your divine light. May she always know your presence and find comfort in your love. AMEN.

No weapon formed against my child shall prosper; you shall condemn every tongue that rises against her. Help me teach her the values in life, the things that truly matter. May she grow to be a woman after God’s heart, a woman with a kind heart. Dolabomi is the first child, and may she be the first of many great things in life.

May she be a wonderful sister to her siblings and a source of goodness to everyone around her. Dolly B!!! You will live life to the fullest. That’s a promise from Mommy and Daddy. Kings and Queens will serve you.

Happy birthday to the most beautiful one-year-old. I love you till eternity @growingwithbabyd_.”

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