Actress Bukola Arugba raises the question, “Would you have me treat you?” as she shares a video of herself dressed in nursing attire. (video)

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Bukola Arugba delighted her fans by sharing a video in which she was dressed in nurse attire. She playfully revealed her profession as a nurse and posed a question to her audience, asking if anyone would be willing to let her treat them.

In response to the video, some netizens humorously speculated that she might be the nurse responsible for giving the late singer Mohbad an injection that allegedly led to his demise.

Bukola Arugba swiftly dismissed this notion, asserting that she is covered by the blood of Jesus.

Other fans reacted with laughter, while some praised her for looking beautiful in the nursing outfit. Her post was captioned:

I’m a Nurse 💉. Would you have me treat you?

Check out the social media reactions below:

  • Tosinsandra: “Ha!!!! We’ve finally found the nurse that gave Mohbad an injection 😂.”
  • Busayorose: “Aunty Bukola, you are so beautiful. I saw you on Saturday at LTV.”
  • Pejuberry: “Full Option, I love everything about you, God 😮.”
  • Princessowumi_olaniyi: “Indeed, you are naturally blessed 🙌 😇. Simplicity at its best 👌 👍 😍 🥰 ☺ 💖.”
  • Moongodesss8: “Awon Veterans Actors & actresses gan gan niyii, it’s not awon G-zbarbie Actress/actor 😂😂🔥.”
  • Olamoanisoloja: “If this pretty woman is an ex, it’s the loss of an opportunity, no cap 💯✌️.”

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