“Why You No Kuku walk n@ked” – Fans Dr@g Actor Blossom Chukwujekwu’s ex Maureen Esisi As She causes stir online with her risque attire (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Maureen Esisi, the former wife of popular Nollywood actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, has generated a buzz on social media with her recent video.

The businesswoman, who suffered the loss of her father in August 2022, sparked a flurry of reactions online with her latest video from Houston, Texas, USA.

Maureen Esisi was seen in a daring outfit on the streets of Houston, revealing more than what people might have expected.

Maureen Esisi’s attire prominently showcased her physique and curves, particularly drawing attention to her ample bosom in a revealing brassiere.

Nevertheless, the video of Maureen Esisi’s attire received a negative response from many online users, who began using derogatory terms to describe her. Some even suggested that she should have opted to go completely nude instead.

Watch the video below for reference.

Reactions from social media users:

  1. djvicdad: This is simply a display of shame! Madness!! 💁.
  2. dailywebmedia: What’s the difference between this and the ladies on Farmcity or Allen Avenue? It’s what happens after you leave your husband and hit the streets…!!
  3. chine_nyenwa: She’s just a lady trying to attract customers, and you guys are calling her out for her attire. If she starts dressing conservatively, will you pay her rent and monthly expenses?
  4. amarakata: I can’t even fathom a lady fully dressed without underwear 😢. Did I just say fully dressed?? Hmm, you might as well have come out completely nude, sis 🙌.
  5. marv__cc: Village girls tend to misbehave when they have opportunities.
  6. jennygentet: If a beautiful woman like her thinks she needs to resort to such measures for attention, it’s a sign of severe self-esteem issues. She may be desperate for attention, but unfortunately, that outfit diminished her beauty. Sad.
  7. diamonddanielz: Is it any wonder her ex-husband divorced her? Look at her forehead, resembling Zuma Rock.

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