Mixed Reactions As Actress Ashabi Simple Shared Video Showing She Is Pregnant For Portable In Less Than 4month After Given Birth To A Bouncing Baby Boy For Him.

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Ashabi Simple has posted a video of her young son on Instagram. However, her video has generated significant reactions as viewers noticed that she is carrying another pregnancy. The comments section of the actress’s post immediately became a hub of discussion.

It’s worth noting that the actress gave birth to a healthy baby boy just four months ago and is now expecting another child.

Although at this point, we are uncertain whether this pregnancy is intended for Portable or someone else, I am certain that if it’s not meant for Portable, it would have already sparked online controversy, given Portable’s outspoken nature.

The joy of pregnancy, especially for a married woman, is a beautiful thing.

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Social Media Reactions:

  1. Omolewa3047: But this baby is still so young 😰.
  2. Bettyhairstoree_: You guys take things too seriously on this app. This lady isn’t even pregnant, so why the insults?? Seriously!
  3. Empress_v: It’s that ring for me, dearie 😍.
  4. Stylebytura: Keep shining, my woman ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Love you, son 😍😍😍, keep growing in God’s grace.
  5. Its_nuell01: Mummy fitilamihan, is it Fitilamihan you’re carrying??

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