“I Will KiII Myself After 24hrs”— Nollywood Actor Jigan Babaoja Says As He Send The Internet In Feær Over His New Video (Watch)

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Popular Nollywood actor Jigan Babaoja has publicly criticized Andron Home And Properties for not renewing his ambassadorship.

He expressed his disappointment, stating that while the organization announced his ambassadorship, they didn’t inform him or the public when they decided not to renew the contract. Jigan has given them a 24-hour ultimatum to contact him, or he will describe the company as responsible for his predicament.

He continued by questioning how they expected him to support his numerous children without the ambassadorship.

Post Caption: This message is directed at Adron Homes and Properties @adronhomesofficial.

I am giving you a 24-hour deadline to reconsider our partnership!!!

Please mention @adronhomesofficial on my behalf until we can resolve this matter! You have the power to save a life!

Watch the video below for more details.

Social Media Reactions:

Officialtopright: Adron has restricted mentions and tagging, lol! 😂😂😂😂

Aliu_gafar: @adronhomesofficial_ please reconsider and offer him a new contract now.

Bukkyanimashaun: 😂😂 The drama is intense! @adronhomes_ help us respond to Jigan, Jigan won’t let me rest.

Barristeropa: You’ve used English to finish yourself. You said he should “resign” you instead of “re-sign.” He already “resigned” you, as you said.

Hemmakay: Jigan is becoming quite cheeky! 😂 My eyes have seen it all.

Hade_success: Please re-sign him so I can buy a house from your estate! 🏡

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