“I Regretes The Day I Bought The Car For You” – Portable Takes Back Car From His Signee, Young Duu

Written by fazazy39

Portable, a Nigerian artist, has requested that Young Duu, one of his signees, return the car he had gifted him. According to screenshots of their conversation, Portable expressed dissatisfaction with the condition of the car, which he had given to Young Duu as a gift in July and felt it had not been properly maintained.

Portable instructed Young Duu to return the car to his Zazu bar, citing his belief that his signee was unfortunate. He recounted the coincidence of giving Young Duu a ride on the same day he lost his own car.

Portable went on to criticize Young Duu for what he perceived as ingratitude, despite the support he had offered. He accused Young Duu of displaying insincere affection.

Portable drew a comparison between Young Duu’s behavior and that of his latest signee, Abuga, who had also received a car from Portable. Allegedly, Young Duu had not acknowledged the gift publicly.

Portable asserted that Young Duu had diminished the significance of the car he had been given, expressing relief that he had not lost his life due to his signee’s perceived bad luck.

Throughout Portable’s emotional outburst, Young Duu tried to demonstrate his loyalty and share his perspective on the matter.

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