“It’s Done At The Right Time, Congratulations To me”- Actress Destiny Etiko gush as she stuns in bridal dress

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Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko left her colleagues and admirers in awe with her stunning appearance in a wedding gown. The Asaba actress shared a captivating photo of herself donning an exquisite bridal gown that accentuated her curves on her Instagram page.

In a playful manner, she hinted at a future wedding, referring to herself as “SOMEONE’s BRIDE.” She added, “She’s coming. Saturdays are for weddings. My designer is making clothes, please stooooooop playing.”

Her post garnered admiration from fellow celebrities and fans:

  • Uche Elendu exclaimed, “I can’t wait, see beauty OMG!”
  • Eve Esin praised, “Too fine.”
  • Nma Kocha commented, “Stunning.”
  • Christabel Egbenya simply wrote, “Beautiful.”
  • Others, like One Talk To Real Uju and One White Barry, shared their well-wishes and compliments for her future wedding, while many expressed their excitement and anticipation for the upcoming event.

A few months ago, Destiny Etiko issued a public service announcement on her Instagram account addressing her admirers and potential suitors. She cautioned those who were flooding her direct messages with love messages to cease, as she had already become engaged.

In her announcement, Destiny Etiko made it clear that she was no longer available and had committed herself to a relationship. This revelation marked a departure from her typically private stance on her personal life, causing a stir among her followers.

The identity of her alleged new boyfriend became a subject of intense speculation, with an Instagram blog, Ynaija, posting a photo of him, prompting netizens to attempt to uncover his identity. Additionally, Destiny Etiko had previously been linked to Innocent Chukwuma, the CEO of Innoson Motors, as per claims made by blogger Cutie Julls, who alleged that he had been financing her lifestyle.

It appeared that Destiny had chosen to focus her attention on one particular individual, leaving the other men in her life behind.

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