“Rotimi Pls Take It On Me”— Aisha Raji Says As She Share B€dr00m Video With Retime Salami (Watch)

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Actress Aisha Raji shared a video on her social media platform featuring herself and Salami Rotimi, where she seems to be resting on a couch. This video is likely to have captured the attention of her followers and prompted various reactions online.

Aisha Raji’s social media post, in which she jokingly asked Salami Rotimi to take it easy on her and expressed her preference for not being too rough, adds a playful and humorous touch to the video. It’s common for celebrities to engage with their audience in such a light-hearted manner, fostering more interaction and discussions among their followers.

It’s worth noting that the video shared by Aisha Raji, where she appears to be resting on a couch with Salami Rotimi, is likely a scene from a movie or a project they are both involved in. Sometimes, actors share behind-the-scenes moments from their film or TV shoots to provide a glimpse into their work and entertain their fans.

When videos like the one shared by Aisha Raji and Salami Rotimi surface online, it’s common for netizens to react and speculate. People often enjoy discussing and interpreting such content, leading to various opinions and interpretations.

The post was captioned: “@salamirotimi sha take it easy on me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What is Wale trying to do bayii…

I guess Wale wants to pray for her😌.”

[Watch The Video Below]

Here are some social media reactions to the video:

@Akorea1_Korea: 😂😂😂😂😂 this Una acting sef get as he be joor

@Okemakinde_ibrahim: Wale na special prayer he won do 😂🙌❤️👏

@Iam_aisharaji: @amokeokin_styling E dey enter your eyes 😂😂😂

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