“Where Did Erekere See A Raw Gold Chain For 3000naira”— Netizen Ins Surprise As Erekere Real Gold Cost 3000naira (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Popular comedian Thepastorpikin stirred up a reaction after being interviewed by Jimmy Agbaje while on the road. The interaction likely garnered attention due to its unexpected or humorous nature.

During the interview, Thepastorpikin disclosed that his entire outfit, including his gold chain, cost approximately 5500 naira, with the chain itself priced at 3000 naira. This revelation highlights the comedian’s frugality and sense of humor, which may have contributed to the audience’s reaction.

Initially, Timmy mistakenly believed that the gold chain cost 3000 USD, but to his surprise, he learned that it was just 3,000 naira. This unexpected revelation left Timi in shock, and his wide-eyed expression added humor to the interaction, prompting reactions from those who watched the interview.

In the skit, Erekere played a role where he portrayed a character who had apparently stolen everything he was wearing. Jimmy Agbaje, on the other hand, acted as the driver to the boss in the skit. This storyline likely contributed to the comedic element of the interaction and elicited reactions from viewers who found it amusing.

The video has garnered over 2000 comments within a few hours of posting.

Watch the video below!

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