“Get Out Of My Party”- Moment angry woman orders guests who didn’t buy Asoebi to leave her 70th birthday party in UK (Video)

Written by fazazy39

The woman in question was celebrating her 70th birthday, a significant milestone in her life. Like many celebrants, she wanted the occasion to be memorable and possibly had a particular theme or dress code in mind to make the event special.

In this case, she chose to implement a dress code that required attendees to wear Asoebi, which is a common practice in many African cultures. Asoebi is a type of fabric or attire chosen by the celebrant, and guests are expected to purchase and wear it as a symbol of unity and support for the occasion.

As the party progressed, it became apparent that some guests had not adhered to the dress code by wearing the designated Asoebi. This likely upset the celebrant, as she may have viewed it as a lack of respect for her wishes and the theme of the event.

In her frustration, the woman decided to take a bold step and publicly address the issue. She ordered those guests without Asoebi to leave the party immediately. Her words, “if they know they want to get to the age of 70,” could be interpreted as a stern message implying that those who didn’t follow the dress code were not welcome to partake in the celebration.

This incident highlights the importance of cultural traditions and expectations during celebratory events. It also serves as a reminder of how individuals may prioritize adherence to specific customs and dress codes during significant milestones in their lives, even if it leads to unexpected confrontations with guests.

Social media users were quick to share their opinions on the situation, and here are some of the reactions:

  1. ocheihotukada expressed strong disapproval, stating that even if they had bought the Asoebi, they would stand up and leave, considering the host’s behavior as irresponsible.
  2. ladyque_1 criticized the host’s actions, questioning the rationale behind such irresponsible behavior, suggesting that she should have simply stated a “no Aso ebi, no entrance” policy.
  3. holy_spireet also weighed in, indicating that even if they had purchased and worn the Asoebi, they would stand up and ask everyone they came with to leave the event. They found the host’s behavior to be unwarranted and unacceptable.
  4. _lov_issabella brought up the point that some people might buy Asoebi but not wear it, emphasizing that not everyone has the time or resources to sew new clothes. This comment highlights the practical challenges some guests might face in adhering to dress codes.

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