“We Are Out Of Poverty”— Moments Illebaye’s sister pulled her wig and fell to the floor after her sister was declared winner

Written by fazazy39

A video that has gone viral captured the deeply emotional reaction of Illebaye’s sister upon learning about her victory in the BBNaija All Stars Edition.

In the video, her sister is seen bursting with excitement, unable to contain her joy at the news. This touching moment beautifully illustrates the strong bond between the siblings and the immense happiness they derive from each other’s accomplishments.

The video has ignited a flurry of reactions from netizens in the comments section.

While many offered congratulations to Illebaye’s sister for the well-deserved win, others couldn’t resist making light-hearted jokes about the situation.

@tumiThabi remarked: “That’s where she lost her phone.”

@Selma Kambanda commented: “This one is just happy because they are going to enjoy the money.”

@precious noted: “They are so natural.”

@Igelle1 quipped: “No wonder she lost her phone.”

@queeny shared: “She’s very beautiful, just like Baye.”

@maryjay72 empathized: “My dear, crying is allowed.”

@precious itohan reacted with: “Congratulations.”

@Chidiebere Ogbodo added: “Congratulations.”

@HRM ANITA chimed in: “Congratulations.”

@user2233104721822 humorously wrote: “This one is so dramatic, just like her sister Baye.”

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