“I will never be poor” – Ola of Lagos goes crazy after spotting exquisite mansion with garage full of luxury cars, its interior wows many (Video)

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Renowned Instagram influencer and automobile reviewer, Ola of Lagos, recently expressed his astonishment upon discovering a magnificent mansion adorned with a garage housing a collection of opulent cars. Widely recognized for his car critiques, Ola of Lagos embarked on a tour of the residence and was profoundly impressed by the sheer elegance of its interior.

He shared a video that showcased the grandeur of the mansion and its garage, which boasted an impressive array of high-end vehicles, including a bulletproof Prado, G-Wagon, Toyota Land Cruiser 2023, Hilux, and more. Such displays of luxury and opulence never fail to captivate.

While presenting the interior, Ola of Lagos couldn’t conceal his amazement as he disclosed the estimated value of the house’s design. He noted that the mansion was furnished with a sofa valued at N30 million, a waiting chair worth N10 million, a dining section priced at N15 million, and adorned with antiques valued at N12 million.

The video garnered significant attention online, with social media users expressing their desires for such an extravagant mansion. Here are some of the reactions:

Queen OG stated, “For those who say ‘vanity upon vanity,’ remember that poverty is also vanity, so choose your path. I declare on myself and my family that we will not be poor.”

abiodunhammed3173 remarked, “This house can’t be bought with ritual money. God, I pray for Your grace.”

kris black humorously quipped, “Drop the remote, and you might hear a bill of 40 million 😂😂.”

YemiteElectrical exclaimed, “If this is what they call ‘vanity,’ then I want the ‘Pro Max’ 🥺🤩🤩🤩🤩.”

evelynampiah7 declared, “My children and I will not experience poverty, in Jesus’ name, amen 🙏.”

superstardjfresh6 teased, “Ola, you’ve started again 🤣.”

user6816736697009 expressed, “God has already blessed you; now it’s my turn, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

ASHER-TECH CEO mused, “You know, the person who owns all this luxury might not even live there. Life is not always balanced 😏.”

Watch the video below.


Omo I will not be p00r 😭 See inside and outside of Billionaire @vintagedeluxeinteriors house, A luxury man that deals with interiors and also a co-owner of @odogwu_bitters @_odogwumalay and @odogwuhammer it’s over plenty 🙌 Repeat after me I will not be p00r 🤲🙏

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