“This girl never see Money Before Oo” – fans come for Ilebaye for posting her account details online after winning 120 million

Written by fazazy39

After Ilebaye’s impressive victory on Big Brother Naija All Stars, some of her supporters have criticized her for appearing ungrateful.

Ilebaye recently found herself embroiled in controversy when she posted her bank account information online immediately after winning a substantial prize of 120 million Naira. She did this to clarify her account details, ensuring that fans would not send payments to the wrong account. However, this decision quickly triggered a social media uproar.

Many of her admirers and friends had been sending money to her account since her victory. Nevertheless, it appears that certain individuals have taken advantage of this situation by impersonating Ilebaye and falsely claiming to possess her account details.

Her team promptly stepped in to clarify the situation, urging the public to refrain from sending money and gifts to any account that wasn’t verified under Ilebaye’s official social media handles.

They went on to provide her direct account details for any direct payments. However, her decision to share her bank account information instead of outlining a comprehensive plan or charitable initiatives raised concerns among her fans and followers.

Many fans expressed their disappointment with Ilebaye’s choice on various social media platforms. Some criticized her, while others questioned her motivations for publicly sharing such personal information. One Twitter user named Emeka Umeh, known as Tcee, quoted her post and reproached her for appearing greedy.

@IlebayeOfficial: “We’ve received information about fans planning to send gifts or contributions. Please refrain from sending money to any account that isn’t officially posted on Ilebaye’s verified accounts. For gifts, please send an email. The only accessible account is the Baye Tribe account (Providus). We won’t be responsible for any misappropriation of funds. Thank you.”

Emma ik Umeh (Tcee): “To tell you how greedy Ilebaye is, she’s telling her fans to send money to her, despite the fact that she just won 120 million naira CASH. She still wants foolish and stupid Nigerians to donate money to her.”

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