“Pls Let Me Have Peace Of Mind”—Mohbad Mother Rain Cursæ On Those dr@gging His Grandson Belong To Sam Larry

Written by fazazy39

The mother of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad has expressed her disagreement with the claim that her grandson, Liam, shares a resemblance with Sam Larry, the music promoter who was accused of assaulting her son during his lifetime.

It’s important to note that allegations of infidelity were made against Wunmi, the late Mohbad’s wife, by some Nigerians. Consequently, there have been calls for a DNA test to confirm the paternity of her son.

In a widely circulated viral video online, a group of young men, possibly family members, visited the mourning mother of the late singer. They engaged in a conversation discussing the paternity of Mohbad’s son.

With heavy hearts, Mohbad’s mother held a large portrait of her son, while another woman lovingly cradled her grandson, sharing tender moments with the child during this difficult time. 💔📷👵👶

Amidst the discussion, one of the young men raised a question about why someone would suggest that Liam resembles Sam Larry. In response, Mohbad’s mother wisely remarked, “People often say things that will come back to haunt them.” 👵🗣️🤔

Watch the video below:

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