NYSC corper shows off her upgraded food menu as she becomes CDS financial secretary (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A comical video featuring an NYSC corps member who secured the role of Financial Secretary in the Community Development Service (CDS) has been a source of laughter for many.

In the video, the young lady, clearly thrilled about her appointment to this pivotal position, humorously demonstrates her newfound enthusiasm for indulging in good food with the funds entrusted to her care.

She doesn’t speak a word in the video, but her gestures of gleefully devouring nearly everything in sight after assuming the role of Financial Secretary hint at her intention to savor life’s pleasures with these funds.

Subsequently, she shared more videos of herself relishing sumptuous meals, leading many online users to conclude that her newfound role might be contributing to her enjoyable culinary experiences.

You can watch the video below.

Here are some of the comments from the post:

Rich-Berry commented, “Who chose you, ah, you’ve put them in debt.”

Onowu of Uniben said, “Are they contesting for it, or is it an appointment? Should I draft a manifesto?”

Griddess remarked, “And to think we were sharing the money together. Friends that open doors for you. A queen, I stan.”

Tina simply stated, “Enjoy life.”

Realtor Pearl expressed, “I like you. Seize your opportunities.”

Oluwatoyin added, “Politics can be quite enjoyable.”

Biebie 3 cautioned, “Until they call you to account for it, you’ll shed premium tears, searching for money where you didn’t keep it.”

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