Despite Been An Actress, I Got Married At 34 As A Virgin — Actress Bimbo Success Reveals Her True Life Story (Watch)

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Actress Bimbo Success candidly shared her remarkable journey during an exclusive interview with Talk to Biola, where celebrities open up about their lives and paths to fame in the industry.

In a surprising revelation, the actress disclosed that she entered into matrimony at the age of 34, still maintaining her virginity, defying common stereotypes associated with actresses. She acknowledged that her story often raises eyebrows, with many doubting the possibility of an actress reaching that milestone without a partner by her side.

She claims that when the news of her not being a woman became well known in the industry, she insisted on keeping the identity of the person who called her about not dating anyone a secret.

She continued by saying that she never gets distracted since she maintains working hard till she weds.

Many compliment her for maintaining her moral character and age at that time despite working in the film industry.

Known for her key roles in Nollywood films, Bimbo Success, a prominent Nigerian actress, producer, and event designer, was born on November 15th.

Bimbo Success, a member of the Yoruba tribe who has been actively involved in the industry for a number of years since becoming well-known, was born, reared, and educated in Lagos State.

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Willztaiwo: Oh my God!
She got married as a virgin and waited for that long omo,,,, if to say no be her husband disvi*rgin her that marriage go don disperse.

Under10krings: Dear Woman, realize your self value and stand by it whatever of the world believe or thinks. kudos, mother

Adenine.makinde: In the name of Jesus, this Talk to B is making a difference. The people you are bringing are inspiring others like us.

Kikidivine07: Wonderful tale. I’m seeing all these women differently now. They aren’t all that horrible, actually. I adore this.

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