Pastor Abgala Gabriel successfully raised a sum exceeding N1,000,000 to support actress Iyalagidigba and her children.

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Renowned Ibadan-based prophet, Pastor Agbala Gabriel, mobilized a substantial sum of money to support actress Oluwaseun Balogun, affectionately known as Iyalagidigba or Omo tor for Mummy.

As a response to Iyalagidigba’s recent plea for financial aid in the wake of her mother’s passing and her family’s challenging circumstances, Pastor Agbala Gabriel hosted the actress and her children in a live video session.

During this live video session, compassionate individuals and well-wishers generously contributed a total of N1,132,000 to assist Iyalagidigba and her family. Additionally, someone pledged to cover N220,000 for her son’s education.

You can watch the video below for more details

Naijalegit previously reported that actress Oluwaseun Balogun, known as Iyalagidigba or Omo tor for Mummy, made a heartfelt appeal for financial aid from Nigerians and the renowned Ibadan-based prophet, Pastor Agabla Gabriel.

In her emotional plea, Iyalagidigba openly shared the challenges she faced and the sacrifices she had made to care for her ailing mother. She revealed that she had liquidated all her assets to provide treatment for her mother, who battled a stroke for eight years before her passing.

Now grappling with financial difficulties, the actress turned to Pastor Gabriel for assistance, expressing her hope that he would extend a helping hand to her and her children during this challenging period. In her own words, “I had to sell everything I owned to care for my mother, who endured eight years of battling stroke before her passing. At this moment, meeting my financial obligations has become extremely challenging. I humbly appeal to Pastor Gabriel for his mercy and financial support for me and my children.”

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