“I Want To Prove People Wrong”- Mohbad’s wife finally agreed to a DNA test for son – Popular Blogger reveal

Written by fazazy39

Omowunmi, the bereaved widow of the late musician Mohbad, has announced her readiness to undergo a DNA test for her son, Liam Light, to address the doubts raised by skeptics. This decision was disclosed by the emerging activist, Martins Vincent Otse, popularly known as Verydarkman.

Omowunmi, who was married to the late Mohbad, is facing increasing pressure from individuals such as Verydarkman, Kemi Olunloyo, and numerous internet users, urging her to consent to a DNA test to establish her child’s biological paternity.

Remarkably, VeryDarkMan has actively opposed this claimed connection and has advocated for a DNA test to conclusively confirm the child’s biological relationship with Mohbad.

Expressing concern, Verydarkman has raised questions about the possibility of Omowunmi’s family being involved in her public claims of widowhood. In a recent video update, he mentioned hearing that Omowunmi had yielded to pressure and agreed to provide DNA proof, but he remained skeptical about the authenticity of any DNA results originating solely from her.

His doubts stem from a previous incident where he initially broached the topic, and her family accused him of being financially influenced to implicate her, even threatening a lawsuit for N300 million. Verydarkman insisted that he would only trust and accept DNA test results if they included samples from Mohbad’s parents in addition to his son’s.

Furthermore, Verydarkman addressed the significant accusations made by Kemi Olunloyo against Mohbad’s wife, alleging that Sam Larry is the biological father of Mohbad’s son. He pointed out that if Olunloyo’s claims were validated, it could implicate not only Sam Larry but also Naira Marley, making them potential suspects in the events leading to Mohbad’s untimely death.

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