Naira Marley releases a recording of a phone conversation he had with Mohbad days to Mohbad’s his d€@th (Video)

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Naira Marley has unveiled a recording of a purported phone conversation he had with Mohbad a few days before Mohbad’s passing.

This recording surfaced online on September 27, 2023, shortly after Naira Marley issued an official statement confirming his return to Nigeria and asserting that he had no involvement in the tragic demise of his former signee, Mohbad.

Below, you can find the translated transcript of their conversation.

Naira Marley: You didn’t feel that way anymore, but just an hour ago, you were contemplating self-harm, and you’re still in the same stressful situation. I tried explaining things to you. You even made a video stating that if anything happened to you, Naira Marley and his team should be held responsible. And now you’re talking about harming yourself.

Voice: I was feeling that way earlier, but I’m not anymore.

Naira Marley: But that was just an hour ago. You locked yourself up and were considering self-harm. Imagine if that had happened. What would people think with that video you made?

Voice: I’m sorry. Please don’t be upset with me.

Naira Marley: I’m not upset. I just want to take care of you. Remember, I’ve told you not to stress yourself. You can do whatever you want and say whatever you need to. If you say, “Wunmi, please go to my father’s house and don’t come here for now,” it will be done. Feel free to speak your mind.

Naira Marley: I understand that you believe no one likes you, but it’s just a thought, and you have to work on dispelling it.

Voice: I’m making an effort every day to get rid of that thought and be more social.

You can view the video below:

Naira Marley’s Statement: “Watch the video where I, Naira Marley, talk MohBad out of contemplating suicide after his girlfriend reported him to me. She is alive. You can ask her if this is authentic.”

View the video by clicking the link below:

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