“My Foreign lecturer said he enjoyed and Dance to mohbad’s Song” – Nigerian lady in Canada plays Mohbad’s song during her class (Video)

Written by fazazy39

The video depicts a Nigerian lady studying in Canada who decided to share a piece of Nigerian culture with her classmates. During a class where the lecturer asked for song recommendations to begin the session, she chose Mohbad’s popular song “Feel Good.”

Despite being in a foreign country, the young lady proudly introduced her classmates and lecturer to Nigerian music. To her surprise, her “white lecturer” enjoyed the music and played it non-stop, showcasing the universal appeal and influence of Nigerian music even in a Canadian academic setting.

This act of sharing her culture through music highlights the cultural diversity and connections that exist in today’s globalized world, where people from different backgrounds appreciate and enjoy music from various parts of the globe.

Social media users expressed their admiration and support for the young lady’s choice of music during her class in Canada. Here are some of the reactions from the comment section:

  • @obasanjo_nifemi: “For her to play that song 🎧, she will succeed in life and all of you reading this coming will make it in life 🙏🙏.”
  • @mitchell_2828: “Omo this guy still never make us rest 😰😭…who ever get hand for your death no go ever no peace till he/she d!e too ….imagine make I Dey think say I Dey dream for sleep not to wake up and see that they playing his music on hiptv this morning 🥺🥺.”
  • @benweathermusic: “Na so una dey do for Yankee University???”
  • @praygers__music: “When Dem dey Show us D Autopsy,, Who Kill MOHBAD 💡 coz even my Soul no gree Rest Self,, Make una give us Answer ASAP Abeg 😠”

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