“Why don’t you raise your dead neighbors and your family” – Oba Solomon slams Nigerian prophet over claims of waking Mohbad (Video)

Written by fazazy39

The controversial Instagram clergyman, Oba Solomon, has taken aim at Nigerian prophet Oba Ewulomi for his assertions of possessing the power to resurrect the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad.

The situation unfolded when Oba Ewulomi proudly declared that he could revive Mohbad from death back to life, provided he was allowed to witness the singer’s lifeless body.

It’s essential to note that the Nigerian police had exhumed Mohbad’s body to aid their investigation into his unfortunate passing.

However, Oba Solomon accused the prophet of exploiting the controversial situation for attention. He further questioned the prophet about deceased individuals in his immediate surroundings.

In Yoruba, Oba Solomon raised three questions: “I have three questions for the pastor claiming to wake Mohbad from the dead. Where was he when his grandmother passed away? Where was he when his father passed away? Since he started his evangelism, hasn’t anyone in his vicinity passed away? Why did he choose to attempt to revive Mohbad and not his neighbors or family members in his compound?”

Video below

The video generated a flurry of reactions from commenters who shared their thoughts. Here are some of the reactions:

  1. de_warlord expressed a straightforward stance, saying, “Simple thing… Have two police officers accompany him there. Once he messes up like this, let them take him straight to prison.”
  2. maasoroju humorously suggested, “He might actually not be lying, you know. Let’s give him a try. If he doesn’t wake him up, we can send him where MOH is too 😂.”
  3. sceedbarms applauded Oba Solomon, stating, “Oba Solomon never disappoints.”
  4. orekelewa2766 made a lighthearted comment, “Lol 😂😂😂 this Oba, they call him Esu lalu OKO 😂😂😂.”
  5. praygers__music shared a perspective, saying, “If God doesn’t do something about this boy’s death, the church, hmm, it’s trouble. I won’t serve anymore. Police, police, police, hmm, it’s well 👏.”
  6. alb4cars expressed confusion, “I don’t even understand why they always record these videos 😭😭… Don’t they sound like clowns to themselves?”
  7. nafisat_omobolaji suggested giving him a chance, “He didn’t have the power back then, but now he claims he does. Let’s allow him to meet Mohbad, and if Mohbad doesn’t wake up, let the police lock him up until Mohbad does.”
  8. theblackbarbie____ emphasized the possibility of divine intervention, “We can give him the benefit of the doubt. God can use anybody. It’s this same ignorance that makes us lose people like this guy.”
  9. fadipeadetutu tagged friends and playfully commented on the situation, “You guys should come and see something. These people won’t kill someone 😂😂.”

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