“Mohbad’s mother had three children. She left them when Mohbad was 12 years old, and their father didn’t allow her to take all of them,” narrated Mohbad’s mum younger sister.

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The younger sister of the late Mohbad’s mother shed light on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s mother’s departure when Mohbad was still very young. She disclosed that Mohbad’s mother had three children and left them when Mohbad was just 12 years old because their father didn’t permit her to take all of them with her.

Furthermore, she narrated that Mohbad and his mother eventually reunited, with Mohbad welcoming her into his life. Throughout Mohbad’s challenges with Naira Marley, his mother stood by him. She was present when he was subjected to physical harm and hospitalized, and she was there when Mohbad’s wife gave birth.

She emphasized that Mohbad’s father was also a caring individual who provided for his children and had a deep affection for Mohbad. In her words, “Mohbad’s mum had three children. She left them when Mohbad was 12 years old. The dad didn’t allow her to take all of them, so she took the youngest with her.

They maintained communication because she would inquire about their well-being. Visiting wasn’t easy for her as the dad had remarried. Mohbad’s mother supported him during Naira Marley’s ordeal when he was injured and hospitalized, and even during his wife’s childbirth. The dad is a loving father who took excellent care of him.”

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In a recent developments , Kemi Olunloyo has continued to advocate for a DNA test for the late singer Mohbad’s child, expressing her belief that the child bears a striking resemblance to Samlarry, an individual previously accused of assaulting Mohbad during his lifetime.

Kemi Olunloyo has reiterated her suspicions regarding the child’s paternity and strongly recommended a DNA test to definitively establish the biological father. She noted the resemblance between Mohbad’s baby and Samson Erinfolabi Balogun, known as Sam Larry.

Furthermore, Kemi Olunloyo suggested that in the event the child is found not to be Mohbad’s offspring, the earnings generated from the late singer’s music should be safeguarded from his wife, Wunmi.

In her statement, she asserted, “Mohbad’s baby needs a DNA 🧬 test to know who fathered him. Kid looks too much like Sam. It started as a joke, but the Music Estate is too big. If it’s not Mohbad’s son, keep that money away from Wunmi. #Kemitalks🗣️ #ripmohbad #Justice4Mohbad”

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