“Every disappointment is a blessing, I Got My Love At Mohbad Candlelight”– Lady finds boyfriend at Mohbad candlelight, shares lovely moments with him (Video)

Written by fazazy39

During the Mohbad candlelight procession, a Nigerian lady unexpectedly found love amidst the solemn gathering.

It’s noteworthy that the candlelight procession for Mohbad was a somber event attended by many, including celebrities, to pay their respects to the late singer.

Surprisingly, this young lady, who attended the event without any expectations, claimed to have found love amid the flickering candle flames and the evening breeze.

A video of her sharing a heartwarming moment with her boyfriend during the event has since gone viral online.

Watch the video below:

The video sparked a flurry of reactions as individuals took to social media to express their thoughts. Here are some of the comments:

chyddo said, “It’s becoming a comedy show for some of you, turning this young man’s pain into content. Where is the respect for the deceased? Where is the genuine empathy? Just pray to stay alive; it’s not hard to forget someone.”

priscillia_oluchi_ said, “The best gift in a relationship that’s only a few days old? They should tie both of you to a tree and give you a thorough spanking. Bombastic hydrogen. 😒”

big_wise_king said, “For those of you who may not understand the context of this video, let me break it down for you.”

tolani_baby_ said, “You meet each other 😢 and you’re already kissing like this 😂🤣🤣

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