“I bled for four months non stop, $uffers A lot”— Juliana Olayode opens up on b@ttle, recovery from PCOS (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Juliana Olayode, one of the star actresses in the ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ comedy series, has opened up about her struggle with a medical condition, Hormonal Imbalance / PCOS.

She shared her journey on her YouTube channel, revealing that she faced continuous bleeding for a period of four months.

After growing frustrated with the medications and topical ointments, Juliana Olayode turned to her faith in God and began praying, which eventually led to an improvement in her health.

Her recovery made her realize the importance of making lifestyle changes, especially in her dietary choices. She stressed that a considerable portion of health problems can be linked to the foods we consume.

Juliana Olayode on battle with PCOS

“I experienced continuous bleeding for four months. I’m sharing this because I know many women battle with hormonal imbalance/PCOS. You might feel tired, strange, and ashamed, having spent a lot on medications with no change.

I had hormonal imbalance/PCOS and Psoriasis simultaneously. One day, I decided ‘Enough is enough.’ I was tired of medications and ointments. I prayed, exercised faith, and everything changed.

Upon healing, I changed my lifestyle and eating habits. Many health issues are linked to our diet. To stay healthy, you must eat right.

I’ve shared more details on my YouTube channel. Please note that I’m not saying medications don’t work or to avoid seeking medical help. This is just my story of how faith worked when I got tired of medications.”

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