Gospel singer Sola Allyson expresses gratitude to God as she celebrates her birthday, marking a new age. 🎉🙏

Written by fazazy39

Prominent gospel singer Sola Allyson took to her social media account to express profound gratitude and give thanks to God as she celebrates the start of a new chapter in her life.

The talented gospel artist shared endearing video clips, brimming with a heart full of gratitude, as she marked this special milestone. Accompanying her post with a heartfelt message, she wrote, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me, ọm’ỌBA Olúṣọlá Àṣàkẹ́ Arẹ́sẹ̀tẹlẹ. Renamed. Rerobed. Honored. Blessed all through!”

Overwhelmed with emotion, she continued, “I don’t even know what to write. I won’t know when to stop if I start to. I am just GRATEFUL! To GOD, The Almighty OLÙTÙNÚ ONÍMÁJẸ̀MÙ ÀÌKÍÍYẸ̀ OLÙWONISÀN OLÙGBANILÀ OLÙLÀNÀ Comfort GIVER The ONE Whose covenant never fails, HEALER, SAVIOUR, WAY MAKER.”

Sola Allyson celebrated her journey and exclaimed, “I got here!!! 😭🙌,What I just want you to know as you read this is that GOD IS FAITHFUL AND FULL OF MERCY! And that it pays to stay through!”

She encouraged others facing challenges by sharing, “If it is difficult for you to absorb it because of what you are going through now, please see me and know that it is true. Let your spirit and soul open up and KNOW so!”

Reflecting on her own experiences, she testified, “Your story can be rewritten. Mine was! Beautifully! And the story is still being written! Your mourning can turn into joy. Mine did! Unexplainable! And the joy is sustained, for life!”

With hope and faith, she added, “Sweetness can replace your bitterness. It happened for me! And it endures! Because all of them are being rained on my destiny from The Realms of ‘the rain’!”

Sola Allyson reaffirmed her unwavering devotion to God, concluding, “And towards There my gaze and heart are fixed, for life, grace always being available! A newer new is here! A deeper deep! Ọ̀tundé! My season of ÌṢỌ̀ṢỌ́! ÌṢELỌ́ṢỌ́ ìṣẹ̀dá à mi í ṣẹ̀! Mo dúpẹ́! All of this, all of that, towards drawing souls to GOD Nìkan, in all, for life! Happy birthday ọm’ỌBA Olúṣọlá! #Yóòdáa! ❤️.”

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