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“I never slept with her at all”– Bayowa fires back at Busola Oke Eleyele as he spills dirty secrets about singer

Written by fazazy39

Renowned Nigerian music and film promoter Gbenga Adewusi, professionally known as Bayowa, has taken a strong stance to defend his reputation against a series of allegations made by his former protege, Busola Oke.

Bayowa expressed his astonishment that, after an entire decade since her departure from his company, the gospel singer has chosen this particular moment to voice her grievances. He suggested that she might be attempting to draw attention by intertwining her story with the tragic passing of Mohbad.

In a viral video, Busola had accused Bayowa of withholding her music earnings after she rejected his advances for a romantic relationship. However, Bayowa passionately maintained that he nurtured Busola’s career from its humble beginnings to its peak without any involvement of a romantic nature.

He emphasized that after parting ways with him, Busola collaborated with various other individuals in the industry. To add to the controversy, Bayowa disclosed that during her 2019 tour in the United Kingdom, the gospel singer was romantically involved with a married London-based promoter, leading to turmoil in the promoter’s marriage.

While avoiding specific details, Bayowa firmly asserted that Busola is responsible for her own predicaments. He earnestly called on her to reevaluate her choices and regain her standing in the music industry.

In an excerpt from his post, he stated:

“With God by my side, I elevated BUSOLA OKE ELEYELE from obscurity to prominence without ever engaging in a romantic relationship or seeing her in an intimate context. We went from humble beginnings to great success, and I give all the credit to God. She departed from my promotion and marketing company approximately a decade or more ago, even after I had purchased another car for her. I never pursued or attempted to bring her back.

During the time she left Bayowa Films, she went on to produce about three albums for other marketers and independently marketed approximately five albums. So, why is she now shedding tears and demanding answers from me after nearly a decade since our last interaction?”

See screenshot of his post below;

Here are the reactions:

temitope4l: Ignore her, boss. She also got married to my uncle during her visit to South Africa, and she had a child within two years of their relationship. Nobody even knew about it in Nigeria. She disappeared after giving birth five months later.

sheyhun_temi: This girl is not okay… I remember how hard this man promoted your career, dedicating half an hour on Sundays just to support you and make you stand out and be accepted by everyone. Now, you’re talking nonsense… Sorry, Eleye odere kuku.

jokotadefabrics: You don’t need to say more, sir. We witnessed your efforts, how you seized every opportunity to promote her. Some of her best hits were thanks to your collaboration. I can’t recall any good songs from her since she left you. It’s been decades; why is she speaking up now? Instead of reaching out, she’s causing more harm. It is well, sir.

cash_carely: You can only lie about a dead man, not someone who’s alive. Keep talking, sir 🙌.

adewale_fastest: Daddy, we stand with you. We all know no one is perfect, but nothing is spoiled here. Darkness can’t overshadow the light.

ademirash: The fact that he’s clear he never had a romantic relationship with her is enough for me. Let them bring it up; we are here to see.

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