“I’m Feeling Weak And Saddened Right Now”– Actress Bukola Arugba Says As She Shared Emotional Words Online.

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Actress Bukola Arugba has disclosed her feelings of weakness and sorrow while mourning the late singer on her Instagram page. She has openly expressed her current state of mind and the emotional struggle she is going through at the moment.

In a series of online posts, she has been questioning how she can stop thinking and begin to hear the late singer’s voice once more.

The post captioned:

Maybe I can…
How can I simply refrain from checking Instagram?
Even if I manage to do so,
how can I erase all that I’ve seen?
And if I succeed, how do I purge these thoughts from my mind?
If I manage, how can I unhear his melodies?
If I accomplish that, how can I halt these tears?
And if I stop crying, will it reverse what has occurred?
The deed is done.
Realizing I’ve only associated his face with his songs now that he’s gone… it’s truly saddening.

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Here are some reactions from social media:

_taiwobankole: “I tell you.. I’m extremely sad, and seeing all these stories coming out makes me even sadder… I’m a huge fan of Imole, but I used to just vibe to his music alone… I didn’t really pay attention to his lyrics 😢. I feel so pained… I wish I could just get out of this mood… I’ve been heartbroken since I heard the news of his demise.”

The_real_adesola: “Mama, I’m so engrossed; it just feels like I knew him personally… I keep checking for updates here and there; I just wish he gets justice.”

Shadesby_labrowny: “I really want to unsee it all… these past few days have been traumatic.”

Empress_ruthaderenle: “I just want all the thoughts of his demise in my head to go away, but they’re stuck in there… Although when he was alive, I loved his music; his lyrics were heart-piercing and deep. I never knew why! But I guess it became clearer after he was taken away. Sleep peacefully, Imole, but don’t oversleep if there’s more to you exiting early.”

Teepsyorganicskincare: “I am just weak… o re mi gan an. 😢😢😢😢 Many things were unveiled after his death. 😢😢😢 Please don’t keep quiet when you are bullied. Tell your siblings, children, or anyone closer to you. Pariwo si ta… don’t mind what people will say. Olorun, this saddens me. 💔 😢 😔 😞 Honestly, I am not blaming Portable anymore… The wife and the innocent child, may God Almighty in His infinite mercy protect, guide, and order their steps in this wicked world 🌎 🙏🏽 🙌.”

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