You Have Made Me To Be Who I Am Today, without you, I’m useless – Bobrisky praises her mystery lover for standing beside him against all odds

Written by fazazy39

Renowned crossdresser Bobrisky, who also works as a social media influencer, has expressed his gratitude in a post to his undisclosed partner. This partner has been instrumental in supporting him behind the scenes.

Bobrisky, who recently gained attention for expressing his desire to have a house similar to Kylie Jenner’s, took to Snapchat to publicly appreciate the unidentified individual who has been quietly standing by his side.

In his message, he stated: “I want to publicly thank my man. Without you, baby, I’m nobody; in fact, I’m useless. You stand up for me behind the scenes whenever anyone tries to cause trouble for me. Every day, I pray for God to multiply your years on earth.”

He went on to describe this person as a humble billionaire who has shown kindness by spoiling him with wealth. Bobrisky acknowledged that many people are curious about the identity of this man, but he has kept it a secret, even under the threat of danger.

Bobrisky concluded his message with a declaration of love, saying, “I love you yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever. In my next life, I want a sugar daddy like you.”

Bobrisky reveals his desire to have Kylie Jenner type of mansion

According to reports, Bobrisky has made his intentions clear on social media. The self-proclaimed male Barbie took to his Snapchat account to announce his plan to spend 650 million Naira to replicate American celebrity Kylie Jenner’s home.

Furthermore, Bobrisky revealed that after presenting the bill for their dream mansion to his partner, the relationship came to an end. He boldly proclaimed his readiness to outshine Lekki girls.

His post read: “I’m looking for about 650,000,000 like this. My head is hot. I’m duplicating everything in Kylie Jenner’s new mansion in my new home in Pinnock. God help me. To recreate everything in Kylie’s home, it will cost me over 120 million. When I showed my boyfriend the bills, he said, ‘Babe, I’m out.'”

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