“Some Celebrities Will Be Buried Beside Gutter, Reduce the volume of your fake life” – Portable tells celebs

Written by fazazy39

Portable, in a social media post, advised his fellow entertainers about living genuine lives instead of engaging in fake displays of wealth. He mentioned that some people are insulted for living in certain areas, not realizing they own multiple properties.

He emphasized the importance of not pretending to be something they’re not and suggested that some celebrities don’t own houses or cars. Portable encouraged celebrities to be honest about their financial situations, as he believes that some who flaunt their wealth are actually struggling.

In his view, it’s better to be authentic and not pretend to have what one doesn’t truly possess, as he referenced the burial of Mohbad, which drew criticism for not being a fitting resting place.

This message from Portable highlights the issue of fake lives and the pressure some individuals in the entertainment industry feel to maintain a certain image, even if it isn’t reflective of their reality.

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