Photos $ video of late singer Mohbad with injuries on his face after being b€stem surface online

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Photos have emerged online showing the late singer Mohbad with injuries on his face after reportedly being beaten. These photos add to the ongoing controversy surrounding the circumstances of his death.

Mohbad’s passing at the age of 27 has led to accusations and speculation, with some fans openly pointing fingers at his former label boss, Naira Marley, and his associate, Sam Larry. The singer had a falling out with Naira Marley in 2022, and there were earlier reports suggesting harm had come to him at the hands of Naira Marley’s associates.

Additionally, videos circulating on social media have depicted moments where Sam Larry was allegedly threatening Mohbad.

These photos of Mohbad with facial injuries raise questions about what transpired in the days leading up to his untimely death, fueling further speculation and demands for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his passing.

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Mohbad and the Marlians’ beef: How it all started

Following the tragic news of Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, also known as Mohbad’s death, his former label boss, Naira Marley (Azeez Fashola), has faced open accusations from the late singer’s fans and supporters.

Mohbad and Naira Marley, who were believed to be collaborators in the music industry, reportedly had a falling out in 2022 under contentious circumstances. During this period, Mohbad raised concerns about his personal safety, suggesting that his life was in danger.

Various reports at the time suggested that Mohbad had faced harm from individuals associated with Naira Marley. The strained relationship between the two artists never seemed to improve, and some fans have speculated that Naira Marley may not be entirely innocent in relation to Mohbad’s death.

Since the news of Mohbad’s untimely passing emerged on social media, Naira Marley’s social media comment sections have been inundated with threats and accusations from fans and members of the public.

Instagram blogger Cutie_juls has offered insights into the root cause of the conflict between Mohbad and the Marlians, shedding light on the underlying issues that led to their strained relationship.

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Mohbad’s primary disagreement with Naira Marley did not revolve around monetary matters. Allegedly, Naira Marley insisted that Mohbad should join the Eiye cult, while Mohbad was steadfast in his refusal, expressing his desire to remain uninvolved with any form of cultism.

An unfortunate incident occurred when Samlarryy, an associate of Naira Marley, attempted to assault Mohbad. Despite prior pleas from Omologo, Mohbad’s godfather, who had contacted Samlarryy, Naira Marley, and requested an amicable resolution to their issues, they disregarded Omologo’s plea and proceeded to confront Mohbad.

Samlarryy even went into hiding afterward, likely out of fear of facing consequences for his actions, as Omologo was determined to address the situation.

The catalyst for the most recent altercation was Mohbad’s financial success from his recent music releases and support from his godfather, enabling him to purchase a house on Orchid Road, a development that reportedly agitated Naira Marley and his associates.

The message concludes with a suggestion that Naira Marley should claim ownership of Mohbad’s house and follow Mohbad to his grave, implying further aggression, as it seems that Mohbad’s protector, Omologo, may not be present to intervene.

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