If needed, Mohbad’s body May be removed from burial ground – Police speaks on conducting autopsy (Video)

Written by fazazy39

The Lagos State Police Command’s spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, has provided extensive details regarding the meticulous investigation into the mysterious death of the late singer, Mohbad.

It should be recalled that Mohbad passed away at the age of 27 on September 12th, 2023, and was laid to rest on September 13th, 2023, amid swirling controversies suggesting that his death might have been a homicide.

Concerns were raised about the swift arrangements for his burial and the sealing of his gravesite, particularly given that the deceased was not of the Muslim faith. All of this was done without verifying the cause of his passing.

However, during a recent discussion with media personality Daddy Freeze and Singer K-solo, Police spokesperson Benjamin Hundeyin firmly confirmed that despite the late singer’s burial and the sealing of his burial site with cement, they are fully prepared to exhume his body if necessary for an autopsy.

Hundeyin urged any concerned Nigerian with essential information that could assist in the investigation to immediately contact the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command. He assured the public of their commitment to conducting a thorough inquiry and upholding justice.

Acknowledging the various speculations surrounding Mohbad’s death, ranging from ear infections to injections and even mystical practices, the police spokesperson emphasized the importance of accurate information from citizens and promised absolute confidentiality.

Benjamin reiterated the police force’s unwavering dedication to this case, driven by concerns about the institution’s reputation. They are determined to ensure that those responsible for Mohbad’s death face the full force of justice.

Here are some reactions to the situation:

donchilo6: The police can be untrustworthy and often prioritize their own interests over helping citizens. Many have had negative experiences with them, making it challenging to rely on them for assistance. Sometimes, leaving things to God might be the best option.

maxiranking: It’s true that Mohbad foresaw that when he’s gone, people would discuss both the right and wrong aspects of his life. Many believe that the police won’t take effective action as corruption often influences their decisions.

adeshola.ko: Some people suggest that Sam Larry should be in the custody of the Department of State Services (DSS) for an extended period to calm the situation.

joefran6ix: There’s a profound sense of sadness that Mohbad’s life was cut short in his prime. Some wish he could come back, and there are strong sentiments against those involved in his death.

shanep654_: Many young people are struggling financially and emotionally. They are doing their best to survive, often with limited support from family. Some turn to drinking as a way to cope with stress.

thatetsakogirl: This interview helped people become more familiar with Mohbad. Some express their wish for him to be buried again with a better coffin, as they found the way his neck was bent in the previous one very heartbreaking.

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