Let Me Enjoy Myself, Before Billing Billing Go Come”– Olayinka Solomon Says As He Travels To The UK For Her Birthday Celebration (Video)

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A Nollywood actress has shared a video of herself inside an airplane, seemingly enjoying her time with a substantial amount of money beside her.

The actress, whose birthday is on September 17th, is currently in Birmingham to celebrate her special day. She expressed that she believes in enjoying life because it has been all work, work, work for a long time.

In her post, she mentioned that it was time for her to savor life’s pleasures. Bundles of dollars were visible in her hand, and she humorously claimed that she had borrowed the money from the pilot, who happened to be a friend of her dad.

The post was captioned: “Person wey dey work go chop Yasin !!!

It’s been work, work, work… Time to enjoy 🦾🦾🦾

Before the billing starts, I borrowed that money from the Pilot. He’s daddy daddy’s friend. Thank you 🙏

London, be good to me 🎁🎁🎁
My birthday is coming up, you can start sending gifts.”

In another post, the actress extended an invitation to all her friends in the United Kingdom to join her for her birthday celebration on September 17th and 18th in Birmingham. She directed interested parties to contact @bns.promotions.uk for more details.

The actress’s posts reflect her excitement and anticipation for her upcoming birthday celebration in the UK.

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