“Mohbad Was ACarpenter Before Becoming A Singer” – ID card and clip of Mohbad speaking on his past as a carpenter pops up

Written by fazazy39

In a video that surfaced online after his untimely death, Mohbad shares the story of his early days as a carpentry assistant and how he diligently saved money from his work to pay for studio time before becoming a star.

His life came to an unexpected end on September 12th, following an ear infection and an administered injection.

Various emotional videos have emerged, offering glimpses into the singer’s past. One of these clips features Mohbad reflecting on his humble beginnings as a carpenter, where he saved every penny earned to finance his studio recordings, eventually leading him to fame.

Emotional reactions from netizens poured in:

@LupinIkenga expressed, “This guy was a pure hustler, he just wanted to enjoy his soft life, live in peace and take care of his family and loved ones. Sadly they cut it short, they did him dirty. I really feel so bad for him. I pray he gets justice at last.”

@Official_adags shared, “I don’t wanna tear up watching such videos; it gets me more emotional. May the people that cut your life short never know peace.”

@_adjola remarked, “God, he don dey hustle from day one 😭… I pray God do justice for him.”

@XDOTCOM007 stated, “The young man was a talent and a born hustler.”

@Ewa_oyin emphasized, “Omo this guy suffer no be small Walahi.”

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