Actress Moyo Lawal loves private video s+x, We Dated Each Other for 2 years – Actor Mc Ug Future spills

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In a recent online post, Nollywood actor Mc Ug Future confirmed that curvy Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has a penchant for private videos of intimate encounters.

This revelation by the actor comes in the wake of Moyo Lawal trending online due to the emergence of a bedroom tape involving her and a man.

As previously reported by Intel Region, the video showed Moyo Lawal lying on a bed, engaging in an intimate moment with her partner, with the actress audibly expressing her pleasure.

Moyo Lawal responded to the leak on her Instagram page, explaining that the video involved her ex-fiancé and hinted at legal repercussions for the breach of her privacy.

In response, Mc Ug Future took to Facebook to claim that he had a two-year relationship with Moyo Lawal during which they recorded several intimate tapes. He mentioned that Moyo Lawal enjoys being filmed during such encounters but affirmed that he would not release their videos as he was raised not to betray people.

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