“Emi Oga”- Veteran actor Adebayo Salami Praises His wife

Written by fazazy39

Renowned actor Adebayo Salami, affectionately known as Oga Bello, has expressed his adoration for his wife on social media.

He shared a video of his wife at an event and captioned it with a heart emoji, symbolizing his deep affection and love. His caption simply stated, “Family time 💕💕💕💕.”

A critic, claiming to be from Ilorin, has voiced disapproval of veteran actor Adebayo Salami, popularly known as Oga Bello, for his participation in endorsing alcoholic beverages.

Oga Bello recently posted a video on his Instagram, promoting an alcoholic drink and encouraging his followers to take part in the ‘Say a Prayer’ challenge associated with it.

In the video’s caption, he wrote, “Paying a special visit to our #SayAPrayerChallenge winners in partnership with @eagleschnapps. Stay tuned as I bring joy, surprises, and authentic moments to our incredible participants. #sayaprayer #EagleSchnapps #AuthenticPrayerDrink.”

Responding to this criticism, the fan expressed concern about Adebayo Salami seemingly endorsing alcohol, which goes against their religious beliefs. The fan urged the veteran actor to address this issue and rectify his actions.

The fan’s message stated, “Salam alaykum sir. I am from Ilorin too, and I want to bring this matter to your attention. Our religion strictly prohibits the consumption of alcohol and anything related to it. Seeing you as their ambassador has genuinely concerned me, sir.

In fact, I just tried calling the number on your profile, but it was just ringing. It would be greatly appreciated if this issue could be rectified, sir, as we are always proud to have you as one of the Emirate members. May Allah continue to guide and protect us all, sir. Maaasallam.”

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