“Raise Your Phone and Money will Be Deposit Into Your Account” – Pastor commanded that money be deposited into church members bank accounts.

Written by fazazy39

A widely circulated video online depicts a pastor’s prayer session where he sought a miraculous inflow of funds into the bank accounts of his congregants, eliciting a variety of responses.

In the midst of a prayer gathering, he urged the participants to hold their smartphones aloft and invoked blessings for financial abundance to be deposited into their individual accounts.

The clergyman proceeded to name several prominent Nigerian banks, directing that these accounts should “receive miracle money” during the gathering.

Some attendees went as far as taking out their ATM cards and held them up, hoping that the pastor’s prayers would result in miraculous manifestations.

In response to his prayers, the congregation chorused a resounding “Amen,” their hands still raised high with their cell phones.

Watch the full video below:

Reactions from Netizens:

@Mzwayne007: Well, they say that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. 🤷‍♀️

@Alex_Houseof308: 😂 Normally, this is the time GTB (Guaranty Trust Bank) would send an alert, and you’d rush to check, only to find it’s a debit for “sms charges.”

@lifeofolaa: Me at the prayer ground when I see an alert, but it turns out to be a debit for “sms charges” 😭

@iamkingstev: He commands money to enter their phones through spoken words from thin air, but his own offerings and tithes are physically placed in a collection box. 😂

@Saodami1: Faith isn’t solely based on what you see; it’s a combination of hope and prayer that will ultimately be fulfilled through hard work. I’m certain these individuals are not the idle type; they are simply embracing the prophecy. 😊

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