Comic actor Okele pre-celebrates his daughter in anticipation of her upcoming birthday.

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian comic actor Okele, also known as Tunde Usman, expressed his heartfelt sentiments as he celebrated his daughter in anticipation of her upcoming birthday through his social media channels.

Sharing an endearing picture of his daughter, Okele accompanied it with a touching caption that read, “In advance of my beautiful and beloved daughter, Moridiah Ajoke Usman’s birthday on the 10th of September. May God guide you to fulfill your purpose and become a blessing to your generation, Ajoke mi owon. Daddy’s daughter. Birthday countdown 😃❤️❤️❤️.”

This emotional post deeply resonated with his fans and followers, who were moved by the actor’s sincere expression of love and affection for his daughter. The comments section was brimming with warm wishes for the upcoming birthday and admiration for their heartwarming father-daughter relationship.

Take a look at his post below:

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