How Lateef Adedimeji Was Tricked By Popular Comedian ‘Isbae U’ With A Very Beautiful Ladies (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Lateef Adedimeji shared a video on his Instagram page where he fell victim to a clever prank by Isbae U, aimed at getting money from him. Isbae U enlisted the help of a beautiful lady, using her to deceive Lateef Adedimeji, who was known for being quite frugal and not easily parting with his money.

Lateef, who had a penchant for admiring women and generously spending on them, found himself tricked in this scenario. He wrote: “@isbae_u got me with Ndike. @aderoju_adeyemi didn’t do any better.”

If you’re curious to see how Isbae U managed to outwit Lateef,

watch the video below.

Check out the social media reactions below:

  1. Official_sammiejay03: Please, keep us updated on your talented artists.
  2. The_real_minister_of_enjoyment: Kindly share the series on YouTube so we can start streaming.
  3. Lose_kilos: This series is shaping up to be quite entertaining. Just a few clips, and I’m already laughing hard! 😂
  4. Siroliben: Is there a channel for this on Startimes? Please let me know.
  5. Iteledicon: 😂😂 @aderoju_adeyemi, you didn’t do well at all.

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