“You always love to promote your yansh on social media”- Fans drag Olayinka Solomon for always flaunting her backside

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actress Olayinka Solomon, also known as Ono Mushin, recently found herself facing criticism from some of her fans who accused her of excessive self-promotion, particularly in the context of showcasing her backside on social media.

The actress had shared short clips of herself flaunting her backside while announcing the release of her new movie.

She captioned the clip with, “YOU ASK FOR IT ??? ARE YOU READY ??? SHOWING FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th. You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated. The greatest glory in life is creating a way where there’s none. – … D movie REMMY RAZOR (RR).”

However, some of her fans and followers expressed concerns about the nature of her content.

In a series of comments, a few fans expressed discontent, with some accusing her of focusing too much on showcasing her backside rather than delivering content that aligns with her talents and creativity.

One comment read, “I don’t really understand why you all are promoting this kind of content on the internet with this focus on your backside. Young girls are really looking up to you guys, and that’s why any small thing, they want to focus on their looks, which is disappointing 😢.”

Another comment stated, “All you people do is show us your backside online.”

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