Single ladies wear wedding gowns to church For Prayer as they hold wedding retreat to pray for husbands [Video]

Written by fazazy39

Unmarried Nigerian women attended a church retreat wearing wedding gowns, earnestly praying for God to bless them with husbands. A video of this event has gained widespread attention, featuring a large gathering of Nigerian ladies of different ages dressed in wedding gowns.

They were observed passionately praying, shouting, and fervently asking their Creator for a change in their life stories and marital statuses.

Here are some reactions from netizens:

@Queen! commented: “Women in their 20s are laughing in the comments, wait until you’re 30-33, you’ll realize that these things are real. I pray God answers their prayers.”

@Dammy message opined: “When we are courting them, stubbornness doesn’t allow them to accept.”

@Yin Divom wondered: “When did marriage become an obligation? It’s high time women understand that not being married doesn’t diminish their worth as women.”

@💗Asiwaju baby💗 commented: “They are looking for wealthy men.”

@Prosy stated: “You all are serious. Marriage is like a nest/cage…the bird in the cage is looking for a way out, but the ones flying around are just looking for a cage 😅.”

@FIRDAWS reacted humorously: “I might be crazy, but I haven’t reached this level of craziness yet!!! 🤣.”

You can watch the video below: [Insert video link]

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