Kolawole Ajeyemi marks a pre-birthday celebration for his wife, Toyin Abraham.

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actor Kolawole Ajeyemi has expressed his early birthday wishes for his wife, Toyin Abraham, on his Instagram page. He shared a beautiful photo of the two of them and accompanied it with a brief, heartfelt message:

“Happy early birthday, Babe 🤍🤍”

Earlier, Naijalegit reported that actress Toyin Abraham had heaped praise on Abu Abel for graciously allowing her to utilize his residence for the filming of her upcoming movie ‘Malaika.’

Overwhelmed by the businessman’s generosity, Toyin Abraham took to her Instagram account to recount the hospitality extended by Abu Abel and his team during their four-day shoot at his house.

She mentioned that Abu Abel not only provided them with refreshments but even expressed mock displeasure about them bringing a generator along. In her words:

“My dear brother 🙏🙏, we shot in your house for 4 days without any hassle. There was plenty to eat and drink, and you even jokingly scolded us for bringing a generator 🤣🤣. In fact, I collected a ‘thanks for coming.’ 🤣🤣 Thank you so much, my brother Abu Abel 🙏🙏🙏. Only filmmakers can truly appreciate the freedom to shoot somewhere without any stress.”

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