“You No Do Well”- Reactions As Actor Bolanle Ninolowo announce break-up with wife

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actor takes to social media to announce the dissolution of his marriage with Bunmi Ninalowo. In a heartfelt post, he shares a broken heart emoji along with a lengthy message.

He wrote, “Finally, I accept the harsh reality of the end of this journey. It’s a sad reality that paves the way for a brighter and more fulfilling future. A reality that saddens me for my loving and precious children but is necessary for a peaceful and loving future.

It’s a painful reality I prayed against, nurtured, and worked tirelessly to avoid for the sake of all. A painful reality I must now embrace, as I realize that my children have grown, gaining a better understanding of my pain and struggles for their sake. A painful reality that reminds me I won’t be here forever and must prioritize my health and mental well-being for the greater good.

May God guide and reward me with what I truly deserve, or chastise me for my wrongs if need be. In the end, we all face the consequences of our actions.

It’s sad but undeniably true. Now, I must strive to be better for the sake of the very children I fought so hard not to be separated from. The journey so far only strengthens me as I come to terms with what I truly need and deserve after relentless hard work in life. My heart is broken but not shattered, and I stand tall as I share this sorrowful yet genuine news with the world that has cherished my beautiful family and me.

My wife and I have decided to part ways, moving towards an irreconcilable dissolution of our marriage. Please respect our privacy and keep us in your prayers during this process as we heal and forge ahead with our individual lives while jointly caring for what we hold most dear – our children! God bless you all. 🙏🏾”

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