“Reactions pour in as Bolanle Ninolowo announces separation from wife; some believe hidden forces wish for a relationship’s downfall when you share it on social media.”

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“Netizens react as Nigerian actor Bolanle Ninolowo announces his separation from wife, Bunmi Ninalowo. The actor made the announcement on social media, sharing a lengthy post on his Instagram page where he acknowledged the difficult decision.

In his heartfelt message, Bolanle Ninolowo expressed the acceptance of the harsh reality that their journey together had reached its end. He noted the sadness of this reality, especially for their beloved children, yet he saw it as a necessary step for a more peaceful and hopeful future.

He disclosed his previous efforts to avoid this outcome, his prayers, and the hard work he invested in the relationship for the sake of everyone involved. Bolanle Ninolowo recognized the growth of his children and their understanding of his struggles.

He emphasized the need to prioritize his health and mental well-being for the sake of all, acknowledging the impermanence of life. He called upon God to guide him and either reward or chastise him according to his actions. He stressed that in the end, everyone lives with the consequences of their choices.

Though heartbroken, Bolanle Ninolowo stood tall as he shared this sad but genuine news with the world that had adored his beautiful family. He and his wife have decided to part ways, heading for an irreconcilable dissolution of their marriage. He requested respect for their privacy and urged prayers for their healing and independent journeys, all while jointly caring for their most cherished possessions – their children. God bless all. 🙏🏾”

Reactions to the Celebrity Break-Up
In response to the celebrity break-up, netizens took to social media to express their thoughts and opinions. Here are some of the reactions:

  1. “The moment you start posting your spouse on social media, there are unseen forces that will always pray for the downfall of that relationship, be it marriage or courtship. Some things are better kept private. Don’t be shocked that there is someone else waiting to step in.”
  2. “Women are always at the receiving end. There’s always someone lurking in the shadows, waiting for such moments.”
  3. “Social media love.”
  4. “I pray this is just a joke. Please Almighty, let this be a joke.”
  5. “May they find peace 🙏.”
  6. “Iwo olorun 😭😭😭. So what will happen to those beautiful pictures? My marriage will work in Jesus’ name 🤲.”
  7. “May God heal their hearts. Nobody goes into marriage with the intention of getting divorced. It is well with them.”
  8. “Dear future hubby, we will hold our hands at 80 and say ‘we made it’ Insha Allah 🙏.”
  9. “They should have tried harder to make it work and not give up on themselves. But it is well; what do I know.”
  10. “Online relationships can be deceptive. That’s why you’ll never see me admiring people’s relationships. Only God knows what humans don’t.”
  11. “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. I pray they both find peace.”

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