“Honey Berry, Portable’s second child’s mother, voices her distress as she reveals that he hasn’t provided financial support for their son in more than four months”

Written by fazazy39

“Honey Berry, the mother of Portable’s second child, recently expressed her concerns during an Instagram Live session. She accused the controversial singer of neglecting their son for the past four months and stressed the importance of his financial responsibility towards their child. She pointed out that it’s unfair for another man to provide for their son while Portable is still alive.

To her surprise, Honey Berry revealed that she was unaware of Portable’s marital status until she became pregnant with his child. She claimed that Portable had attempted to create conflict between her and his wife, Bewaji, but she chose not to engage and even appreciated Bewaji’s support.

In a firm warning, she urged Portable to show self-respect and hinted at the possibility of exposing his secrets, which could potentially harm his career.”

In a pointed message, she warned him to show self-respect and threatened to expose his secrets, potentially putting an end to his career.

“I shouldn’t even be making a video for you because I have more sense than you. Bring money so that I can take care of our son; it shouldn’t be my father providing for him. It’s been almost 4 to 5 months, and you haven’t sent any money. Take care of your son because if I reveal everything, it could spell the end of your career.

If you go back and check his Instagram posts from the beginning, he was always posting about me. He featured me before his current wife. He didn’t disclose his marital status until I was pregnant. My issues with your wife are resolved, and you shouldn’t be trying to escalate things.

Your wife is a good person. Despite your efforts to keep her from talking to me, she still communicates with me.

You’re supposed to be a man; have some self-respect.”

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