“Ilorin People Know How To Take Care Of Person”– Adeniyi Johnson Reveal As He Share Video Of All The Foods Given To Him While In Ilorin (Watch)

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Nollywood actor Adeniyi Johnson has posted a video of his visit to Ilorin for a movie shoot, including the upcoming film “Keseri,” scheduled to be screened on September 1, 2023, at Ilorin ShopRite.

In the shared video, Adeniyi Johnson excitedly mentioned that he went straight to the movie location after waking up at his hotel in Ilorin.

He also mentioned that he had the pleasure of spending time with esteemed personalities in the industry, such as Femi Adebayo, Oga Bello, iya Awero, and more.

Adeniyi Johnson shares his experience of being served a variety of breakfast dishes by the people of Ilorin. He humorously questioned whether all the food was intended just for him.

His post read: “Please pay close attention and watch!!! Reflecting on how my day unfolded in Ilorin!!!

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See the video below:”

The video caused a significant online response. Watch the video below:

  • Remmy_wealth: “Ari eyan, what’s the update? 😂 After you get home, Iya Ibeji will inquire about the situation.”
  • Jenny.tone: “Papi, come and give me lessons on how to mimic this voice 😂😂”
  • Milomilez: “This should be against the law… Now I’m hungry, especially when I heard ‘ta la fun je’ – that really got to me.”
  • Seunadelabu: “Looks very serene. I was in Ilorin last week and planning to return soon.”

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