“Who No Get Respect That Send 50M Into My Account Without My Permission”-: Nkechi Blessing boils with fury after someone credited N50M into Her Account Without Her Consent.

Written by fazazy39

Prominent Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing, recently made a startling revelation that she found herself in possession of an unexpected credit of 50 million naira in her bank account, a transaction that occurred without her prior authorization.

The well-known and curvaceous actress took to her Instagram page to share this surprising turn of events. Expressing her strong emotions about the audacity of the situation, she vented her frustration on the platform. This incident has stirred significant attention and conversation within her fan base and the online community at large.

Nkechi Blessing revealed that her account was unexpectedly credited with a substantial sum of money. However, what bothered her was the fact that the person responsible didn’t seek her consent before making the deposit. In a public declaration, she openly questioned the identity of the individual who showed such disregard for her consent.

Nkechi Blessing’s exact words were,

“I hate nonsense! Who paid 50 million naira into my account without my permission”

You can view her post below:

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