“Singer Davido melts hearts by gifting a young skitmaker N2 million as a token of appreciation for entertaining him (Video).”

Written by fazazy39

Renowned Nigerian singer David Adeleke, also known as Davido, continues to capture the admiration of online audiences with his recent act of kindness towards a young skitmaker.

Davido, recognized for his charitable endeavors, has yet again demonstrated his generosity by presenting the skitmaker, Okoli Classic, with a sum of N2 million as a token of appreciation for her entertaining content.

Okoli Classic, the talented young lady behind the viral skits, took center stage on Instagram on August 29th, 2023, sparking widespread discussions and trends.

The woman in the amusing video skillfully conveys her hunger while being low on funds, prompting her to find a solution.

Around 11 PM, she ventures outside to satisfy her craving for the acclaimed fried rice and chicken, only to settle for a meal of Garri (cassava flakes), milk, an apple, and pure water.

After viewing the video, Davido reaches out to blogger Tunde Ednut to express his desire to gift the young skitmaker N2 million.

Sharing a screenshot of Davido’s message, the blogger writes:

“This is exactly why we all hold such affection for Davido. He has done this on numerous occasions. After watching something like this, he’d chuckle and say, ‘Tunde, help me send that person 1 million Naira,’ and he’d add, ‘Don’t announce it!’ But this time, it’s 2 million Naira in this current era. I felt the need to announce it. Can we take a moment to say a prayer for DAVIDO? We know he’s wealthy. Yes, that’s evident. Yet, he goes the extra mile. Many might just laugh and move on, but not OBO.

He will contribute something. Despite the brevity of the prayer, can you spare a moment to pray for DAVIDO? We all harbor our own pains and needs, and I’m sure he too requires something from God. Today, I beseech God to address David’s needs. God, grant him peace and tranquility.

Thank you for blessing this wonderful young lady @okoli_classic ❤️❤️❤️…


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