Moyo Lawal stands up for Bobrisky regarding his recent buttocks enhancement as they meet up (Video).

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has stepped forward to support renowned crossdresser Bobrisky regarding his recent body transformation.

Although it’s widely known that Bobrisky underwent surgery to enhance his buttocks, a video shared by Moyo Lawal on her Instagram page has sparked speculation to the contrary.

The video, currently causing a stir online, has led many to question whether Bobrisky genuinely had the surgery or if it was merely a publicity stunt.

Moyo Lawal defended Bobrisky by explaining that he was actually wearing a body shaper, which was hindering his ability to showcase his new buttocks effectively.

Moyo highlighted that Bobrisky is quite shy in real life, and that’s why he wasn’t showcasing his rear end prominently. She also disclosed that she herself wears body shapers under leggings, making it challenging to flaunt her own buttocks.

In an Instagram post, she expressed, “My sugar mummy @bobrisky222 P.S. Hey, you all, guess what? I wear body shapers under leggings too. Also, she is a very reserved person, which is why she wasn’t flaunting her curves, and body shapers do restrict movement. Even I experience that, you know!!”

Watch the video below

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