“Don’t Cause Wahala With Your Long Mouth”— Actors Guild of Nigeria should Order Aisha Lawal to publicly apologize for saying Yorubas started Nollywood”- Igbo guy says

Written by fazazy39

Mazi Jude Pondis, an Igbo individual, has urged the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and prominent Nollywood figures to address recent comments made by actress Aisha Lawal.

Lawal claimed during an interview that the Nollywood industry belonged to Yoruba celebrities, igniting a debate among various ethnic groups within Nollywood.

Mazi Jude Pondis expressed concern over Lawal’s statement and stressed the importance of respecting contributions from all ethnic groups in Nollywood. He released a statement on social media, calling for the Actors Guild of Nigeria and other stakeholders to intervene and request a public apology from Aisha Lawal for her divisive remarks.

Pondis criticized the lack of response from Nollywood figures, both Yoruba and non-Yoruba, and suggested that Lawal’s statement was damaging to the collaborative efforts that have led to Nollywood’s growth.

He suggested that Nollywood suspend Aisha Lawal until she demonstrates remorse for her actions and misconduct, in order to prevent her statement from undermining industry unity.

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