“I Need Your Prayer Supports”__ Actress Mercy Aigbe Says As She celebrates as she gets nominated by an international organization in Netherlands

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actress Mercy Aigbe is rejoicing in a momentous achievement, having secured a prestigious nomination from the international organization, Septimius Awards.

Recognized for her exceptional talents, Mercy Aigbe is contending for the esteemed title of ‘Best African Actress’ at the Septimius Awards.

The Septimius Awards is a distinguished event that spotlights outstanding films and remarkable talents from across the globe. Annually, they honor top filmmakers, writers, and producers by inviting them to participate in their competitive event held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Mercy Aigbe took to her social media platform to share her elation and announce this wonderful news. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude, enthusiasm, and extended appreciation to her devoted fans and followers who’ve steadfastly supported her throughout her journey.

In her own words, “I’m thrilled to be nominated at the Septimius Awards for BEST AFRICAN ACTRESS! @septimiusawards. Thank you all for this nomination 🙏🙏 Congratulations Mercy! You’re making remarkable progress 😍😍 ADA OMO DADDY Movement!!! 🎥🎞 #adaomodaddythemovie #anticipate #mercyaigbe”

The response to her post was a flood of congratulatory messages from fans, colleagues, and those within the industry, all expressing their joy for her well-deserved recognition.

In other news, Mercy Aigbe garnered praise and admiration from the Nigerian Muslim community after she was photographed wearing a Khimar during one of her work outings.

Sharing an elegant photo of herself donning a black Khimar, the actress accompanied the image with the caption, “Jummah Mubarak Everyone ❤️ Work Mode 🎥🎞.”

Her choice of clothing prompted a flurry of comments from her followers, particularly those who are part of the Muslim community. They lauded her for her open-mindedness and her willingness to understand and respect their faith.

Here’s a sample of the reactions:

  • “How can you not love Islam like this 👏🔥❤️🙌😍”
  • “Not everything is about kayamata, seriously. How will her husband not love her? She wasn’t born a Muslim, but she strives daily to be a better Muslim. Allah will make it easy for you, Hajia Minnah.”
  • “The truth is, you look even more stunning in Hijab… No exaggeration! May the Lord continue to open your heart to the beauty of Islam. You’re more than welcome to Islam. We cherish you ❤️.”
  • “Seriously, this lady knows how to dress! 😍 Look at that slay in modesty 🙌🫶❤️.”
  • “Wow, look at how well-fitted the hijab is 🥰❤️. It’s Hajia Minnah with the H.”
  • “Mercy, take it easy, please! Have mercy on us. Oh my! The Creator has truly created you, behold the beauty. By the Creator, see the beauty! 🙌”
  • “My woman, I love you to infinity and back 😍. Jummah Mufeedah, my forever gorgeous momma 😍😍😍😍.”

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